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Next Meeting

January 19, 2023
8:30 am


~ David Bonham's Shop ~

10717 North Eastlake Circle OKC 73162

~ Technical Presentation ~

Isaac Sadigursky, RPT recently passed away. Isaac immigrated from Russia in 1973
and became a part of the Piano Technicians Guild along the way. Isaac lived in the Los Angeles area
and served the local chapter in many ways along the years. Isaac was an instructor at many PTG
conventions and conferences over the years. In 2010 Isaac was inducted into the PTG Hall of Fame and
in 2021 he was the recipient of the Golden Hammer Award. Those of us who were privileged to get to
know him personally over the years were blessed indeed. One of the classes he offered at PTG
conventions was entitled Isaac’s Six Pack of Technical Tips. Fortunately for us this class was recorded
during the pandemic as a Zoom chapter meeting presentation. This month we will have the opportunity
to continue to learn from Isaac and get a taste of his unique perspective and humor as he gives a lot of
practical advice for every day piano service.

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