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October 2013
High Lights)

Lippen Schweigen
(Hanna-Elisabeth Müller & Martin Mitterrutzner)

The Apental Piano

If I Were The Devil

(Paul Harvey 1965)

Aimi Kobayashi
(Japanese Pianist)

New York Serenade & Coco Chanel Custom Pianos

Cher Lloyd
(English Singer-Songwriter & Model)

1874 Steinway Grand
(slideshow submitted by Regi Hedahl on Google +)

Liszt Consolation no. 3
(performed by Sandro Russo on Liszt's 1862 Bechstein Piano)

(The Amazing Dog)

How do you get a grand piano into a barn loft?

The Vocal Majority Chorus
(performance of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah")

Stopper OnlyPure Tuning Class
(Piano Technicians Guild Convention 2011)

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